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Iron Will: Veterans' Battle with PTSD

1h 37m ā€¢ Documentary ā€¢ 2023

Iron Will is a journey into the minds and lives of Veterans suffering with some for of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). Our mission is to bring awareness and support to Veterans by honestly sharing their personal stores and daily struggles. Post traumatic stress (disorder), ie PTSD claims the lives of over 20 veterans a day in the USA. Veterans are on a mission to have the ā€œDā€ dropped from PTSD. They do not have a disorder but a natural reaction to a traumatic event.

Iron Will helps veterans and civilians better understand the impact of PTS on veterans and their families.


Billy Bob Thornton (Narrator) , Randy Couture (Himself) , Charlie Daniels (Himself) , Big Kenny (Himself)


Ben Wilder

Director of Photography

Mike Stryker

Associate Producer

Mike Nead


Amy Zellers


Mike Stryker

Executive Producer

Rob Moore

Executive Producer

Judy Diethelm


Tim Vandesteeg


Zac Adams


Zac Adams

Bonus Content

Behind the Scenes: Billy Bob Thornton


The narrator of Iron Will, Billy Bob Thornton, explains why he wanted to work on this project.

Behind the Scenes: Charlie Daniels


Charlie Daniels shares why he wanted to be involved in the Iron Will project.

Behind the Scenes: Randy Couture

UFC Champion fighter and Army Veteran, Randy Couture, shares why he was interested in working on Iron Will.

Behind the Scenes: Kirstie Ennis

Kirstie shares how she overcame the invisible wounds.

Behind The Scenes: Director, Sergio Valenzuela

The Director of Iron Will shares his call to action on how you can help veterans.

Behind the Scenes: Horse Therapy


Kate Neligan, Equine Rockstar, shares how horse therapy can assist veterans suffering from PTS.

Behind the Scenes: Big Kenny interview


Big Kenny tells a story of how the 8th of November song was created and his experiences with veterans.

Listen to his song 8th of November

Message from Robert Moore

Call to action message from Robert Moore, CEO, Gideon Entertainment and Executive Producer of Iron Will.